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Self-Love Day ❤️ Dan ljubezni do sebe

Usually, I am in a big dilemma about promoting my jewelry for Valentine's day. Some of you don’t like this holiday and in Slovenia, we didn’t even know about it since the 90s. With all the transition after the disintegration of Yugoslavia, it became a commercial holiday as in the USA. But above all it makes me think and inspire! By ‘accident’ I usually get stuck with making small earrings like these on the photos. Liking the shape of the heart since being a kid, makes me feel loved and thinking about the persons I love, about everybody, about unconditional love. Is that even possible? To love somebody unconditional? Without judging others and only accepting them as they are, that is possible, but first, you must love your self.  That doesn't mean that you are in love with yourself, ok, just a little :-), it means that you are comfortable with each cell of your body and in peace with your mind and feelings. It means that sometimes you have to say no, take time for yourself a

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